Research Vision

Looking back on the history of material science, we notice that many quantum leaps have stemmed from the passion and dreams of visionaries working across multiple research fields like Dr. Subra Suresh. Inspired by them I have shaped my own career philosophy:

  1. I will focus my career on making the world a better place. I am always keeping in mind that there is no planet B.
  2. Any serious effort to make the world better would require organized effort. Collaborations and friendships are key elements of my research.
  3. My multidisciplinary research approach will be my vehicle for solving grand challenges in the broader field of material science.

By merging the dual worlds of experiments and data science, my research articulates itself around three main clusters: development of new composites with extreme mechanical and chemo-mechanical properties, inventing novel mechanical characterization methods at small scales, finding new concepts of 3D micromanufacturing.