Journal Publications

Knowledge extraction and transfer in data-driven fracture mechanics 

*X. Liu, *C.E. Athanasiou, N. P. Padture, B. W. Sheldon, H. Gao
*equal contribution
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

The effect of atmosphere on the flash sintering of nanoscale titania ceramics

Q. Wang, C. S. Watts, C.E. Athanasiou, Z. Dai, M. Hu, B. W. Sheldon, N. P. Padture
Scripta Materialia 2021, 199, 113894.
(link, PDF)

High toughness inorganic solid electrolyte reinforced via the use of reduced graphene-oxide 

C.E. Athanasiou, M.Y. Jin, C. Ramirez, N. P. Padture, B. W. Sheldon
Matter 2020, 3, 1-18. (link)
Highlighted at: Science Daily,  Interesting Engineering, Green Car Congress / Commentary by J.L. Lutkenhaus and P. Flouda, Matter, 3 (12), 2020

A machine learning approach to fracture mechanics problems

X. Liu, C.E. Athanasiou, N. P. Padture, B. W. Sheldon, H. Gao
Acta Materialia 2020, 190, 105-112.
(link, PDF)
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High toughness carbon-nanotube-reinforced ceramics via ion-beam engineering of interfaces

C.E. Athanasiou, H. Zhang, C. Ramirez, J. Xi, T. Baba, X. Wang, W. Zhang, N. P. Padture, I. Szlufarska, B. W. Sheldon
Carbon 2020, 163, 169-177.
(link, PDF)

(Invited Review Paper) A materials perspective on the design of damage-resilient artificial bones and bone implants through additive/advanced manufacturing

H. LeFerrand, C.E. Athanasiou
Journal of Minerals, Metals & Materials 2020, 72, 1-16.

Unraveling brittle fracture statistics out of self-healing patterns forming during femtosecond laser exposure

C.E. Athanasiou, M.Hongler, Y. Bellouard
Physical Review Applied 2017, 8, 054013.


Femtosecond laser direct-write waveplates based on stress-induced birefringence

B. McMillen, C.E. Athanasiou, Y. Bellouard
Optics Express 2016, 24, 27239-27252.


 A monolithic micro-tensile tester for investigating silicon dioxide polymorphs micromechanics, fabricated and operated using a femtosecond laser

C.E. Athanasiou, Y. Bellouard
Micromachines 2015, 6, 1365-1386.


M. Stathatou, F. Tourlomousis, C. E. Athanasiou, A. Mershin, N. Gershenfeld, “Materials and Methods for Biosorption of Micropollutants from Aqueous Solutions.” 63/241,968, September 2021.

Conference Presentations with Peer-Reviewed Proceedings

Direct-write Waveplates Using Femtosecond Lasers: Confined Stress States for new Polarization Devices

B. McMillenC.E. Athanasiou, Y. Bellouard
European Conference on Lasers and ElectroOptics and the European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO®/Europe-EQEC)


Investigation of the micro-mechanical properties of femtosecond laser-induced phases in amorphous silica

C.E. Athanasiou, Y. Bellouard
Photonics West (PW) 2016, San Francisco, US
(Link, PDF)


A monolithic micro-tensile tester fabricated by femtosecond laser to investigate silica mechanical properties

C.E. Athanasiou, Y. Bellouard
International Conference of Optomechatronics (ISOT) 2015, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Micro-tensile tester Scanning Electron Microscope image

A monolithic micro-tensile tester for investigating silica micromechanics, fabricated and fully operated using a femtosecond laser

C.E. Athanasiou, B. McMillen, Y. Bellouard
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) 2014, San Jose, US 

(Semi-Finalist for the Maiman Student Paper Competition – approx. 30 over 1000 papers submitted)

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Thesis Publications

PhD Thesis N#8323, Christos Edouardos Athanasiou, Non-contact femtosecond laser-based methods for investigating glass mechanics at small scales, Suisse: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), 2018.

PhD Committee Members: Prof. Y. Bellouard (Thesis Director, EPFL), Prof. D. Psaltis (Chair, EPFL), Prof. J. Vlassak (Harvard University), Prof. M. Lancry (Université Paris-Sud 11), Prof. F. Sorin (EPFL)

Web-based Publications

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