I have presented my research work worldwide:


List of invited and seminar talks:

[8] Mechanical testing at small scales, Plasmas et Procédés Photoniques Group, CNRS (December 2020)

[7] High toughness ceramic nanocomposites for structural and energy storage applications, Oxford Micromechanics Group, Oxford University (July 2020)

[6] Femtosecond laser processing of fused silica: a 3D micro-manufacturing platform, Facebook Reality Labs (July 2020)

[5] On the use of machine learning for mechanical characterization of ceramic nanocomposites, Brown University (April 2020) — Slides of the talk

[4] Femtosecond laser processing of fused silica: a micro-manufacturing platform for single-material microsystems, Jet Propulsion Lab / California Institute of Technology (June 2018)

[3] Developing new femtosecond laser-based tools for investigating the mechanics of glass at small scales, ETH Zurich (May 2018)

[2] Novel methods for glass testing using optics, Tesla Motors (April 2018)

[1] Investigating the mechanics of silica & silica’s femtosecond laser affected zones: paving the way for laser-based system-materials, UC Berkeley (February 2016)