M&M Science Mentorship

COVID 19 has revealed even more the longstanding deep racial and ethnic disparities, the consequences of which are visible in education, research, science, and engineering. It all begins from education —  academics should take time to reflect and act more actively for creating a global, gender-neutral academic community. However, scattered efforts will not contribute significantly to such a profound challenge. 

As a more systematic approach to tackle this issue, I wish to make a first step and launch the M&M (Materials and Mechanics) Science Mentoring Program. Annually, I will offer support over a time range of 3-yrs:

  • 2 M&M mentorships for a female or LGBTQI students of any nation to receive active mentoring in their career development. [Note: This program will not discriminate against those who prefer to keep their sexual/gender identity private.]
  • 1 M&M mentorship for undergraduate or early graduate students of underrepresented communities in the United States, that wish to pursue a career in science.

The mentorship will circulate around building the mentee’s confidence and self-understanding, learning how to define clear goals, and eventually, crafting job applications and shaping a proper portfolio for an impactful journey in science. I look forward to a future where material science and engineering is led by people of all colors and genders.

If you are interested, please apply before Nov 31st, 2021 with:

  1. 1-page statement describing your current research interests within materials and/or mechanics
  2. 1-page statement on how you wish to contribute to the science community in the next 5 years
  3. CV

Currently not accepting applications!