During my postdoctoral work I have the privilege to work with:

  • N.P. Padture, Materials & Mechanics, Postdoctoral Co-Advisor (Brown Univerisity, USA)
  • B.W. Sheldon, Materials & Mechanics, Postdoctoral Co-Advisor (Brown Univerisity, USA)
  • H. Gao, Computational Mechanics (Brown University, USA, and NTU, Singapore)
  • I. Szlufarska, Computational Materials (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
  • J. Lou, Experimental Nanomechanics (Rice University, USA)
  • G. Karniadakis, Scientific Machine Learning (Brown University, USA)

In my doctoral studies I have worked and interacted with:

  • Y. Bellouard, Microengineering, PhD Thesis Advisor (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • J. Vlassak, Mechanics, Member of Doctoral Committee (Harvard University, USA)
  • M. Lancry, Optics, Member of Doctoral Committee (University of Paris-Sud, France)
  • D. Psaltis, Optics, Chair of Doctoral Committee, (EPFL, Switzerland)